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June 8th 2010

THE WAIROA MAORI FILM FESTIVAL honoured the native people of Hawai’i
yesterday with the awarding of a new award category at the event. The
MANA WAIROA AWARD is a new category that recognises films that
contribute to the advancement of the human rights of indigenous
peoples all around the world. The Award is to tautoko (support) and
motivate the recipient community in its efforts to advance their goals
of realising the potentialities inherent in their values and belief
systems that spring from their unique whenua (land), moana (sea) and
ranginui (sky) context on Planet Earth.

The inaugural MANA WAIROA AWARD was presented to HAWAII A VOICE FOR
SOVEREIGNTY by Catherine Bauknight and the Native Hawaiian people. The
Award was presented over LIVE SKYPE VIDEO from the newly anointed
DIGITAL MARAE at Kahungunu Marae, Nuhaka.

Festival Director Leo Koziol (who is of Rakaipaaka tribal descent) and
Festival Chairperson Huia Koziol (who is a Trustee of the marae) spoke
by video with Director Catherine Bauknight, and also via live phone
connection with representatives from the Hawaiian indigenous movement
who are profiled in the film. Also present at this special event –
and participating in the SKYPE VIDEO — were kaumatua and Trustees of
the marae, guest Maori film makers present at the festival, and
members of the general public who had just had the privilege of
watching the New Zealand premiere of the film.

One of the goals of “Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty” by filmmaker
Catherine Bauknight and the Native Hawaiian people, is to enlighten
the world of the truth of Hawai’i Nei. It was one year ago June 4th,
that the film was released at a private screening at the Capitol
Building in Washington, DC. On June 21st 2009 it had its public
premiere at the Maui Film Festival, and was awarded the Audience
Award, Best Hawai’i Film. “Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty” has also
screened at venues in Hawaii, NY City, Canada, Los Angeles, and Santa
Cruz, CA. These screenings have contributed to achieving the
important goal of enlightening the world about the truth of Hawai’i

The links below and the stories that follow contain some of the
significant developments since the release of the film.

Trailer of Film/Pasadena Cultural Event/Panel Discussion

KPFK radio interview

Spokesperson Kiowa Gordon

Hawaii Public Radio

LA Talk Radio

The MANA WAIROA AWARD was launched at the fifth annual Wairoa Maori
Film Festival (website address is www.manawairoa.com) just prior to
the Poroporoaki after which film makers from across the country
returned home. It is hoped to hold screenings of HAWAII A VOICE FOR
SOVEREIGNTY at other locations around the country, including Murupara,
Auckland, Levin, Masterton and Wellington.

Authorised by: Te Roopu Whakaata Maori I Te Wairoa Inc.
YouTube – Videos from this email

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MANA WAIROA FILM AWARDS 2010 http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/06/09/mana-wairoa-film-awards-2010/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/06/09/mana-wairoa-film-awards-2010/#comments Wed, 09 Jun 2010 10:13:13 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=117 MANA WAIROA FILM AWARDS 2010
Press Release: Nuhaka Wairoa District Aotearoa Sunday 6 June 2010

Last night the Awards Dinner of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival were held at Kahungunu Marae, Nuhaka.

For the first time, awards were presented for Acting roles, with the goal of recognising Acting talent in the Maori community:

Best Male Actor (Short Film) Aotearoa:Tuhoe Isaac in DAY TRIP
Best Female Actor (Short Film) Aotearoa: Shannon Claire in URU
Best Male Actor (Feature Film) Aotearoa: James Rolleston in BOY
Best Female Actor (Feature Film) Aotearoa: Helen Pearse-Otene in NO PETROL NO DIESEL

Independent film Director Stefen Harris (NO PETROL NO DIESEL) was present to accept the award of behalf of Helen Pearse-Otene.

As a result of the breadth of dramatic portrayal in non-human roles, a special award was presented as follows:

Best Non-Human Actor Aotearoa: Leaf in BOY

Mayor Meng Foon of Gisborne accepted the award on behalf of Leaf and Nanny Goats everywhere.

In the film Directing categories the following awards were presented:

Best International Indigenous Entry: REEL INJUN by Neil Diamond
Best Aotearoa Feature Drama: STRENGTH OF WATER by Armagan Ballantyne & Briar Grace-Smith
Best Aotearoa Documentary: THIS WAY OF LIFE by the Karena Family

Maori Land Court Judge Caren Fox accepted the award for THIS WAY OF LIFE on behalf of the Karena whanau. The film was Directed by Tom Burstyn and Barbara Sumner Burstyn.

In the Audience Award category the following award was presented:

Aotearoa Short Dramatic Film – Audience Award: URU by Hiona Henare

Each year, the Wairoa Maori Film Festival presents a FESTIVAL PRIZE for the most outstanding and groundbreaking film of the festival. The FESTIVAL PRIZE was presented by Festival Chairperson Huia Koziol, who is also a Trustee of the Kahungunu Community Marae Committee. The FESTIVAL PRIZE was awarded to:

BOY by Taika Waititi

Festival Director Leo Koziol acknowledge the role of Merata Mita as Executive Producer of BOY, as well as numerous short films played throughout the festival weekend.

The Festival Awards are selected by the Festival Executive Committee, with the assistance of mentors in the Maori film industry.

The audience award is selected by audiences at the film festival.

Authorised by: Te Roopu Whakaata Maori I Te Wairoa Inc.
Contact: Leo Koziol Festival Director 0211434113 email: maorimovies@gmail.com

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Press Release: Festival Marks Passing of Merata Mita (1942-2010) http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/06/09/press-release-festival-marks-passing-of-merata-mita-1942-2010/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/06/09/press-release-festival-marks-passing-of-merata-mita-1942-2010/#comments Wed, 09 Jun 2010 10:12:18 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=115 Festival Marks Passing of Merata Mita (1942-2010)


Press Release: Nuhaka Wairoa District Aotearoa Sunday 6 June 2010

This year’s Wairoa Maori Film Festival, currently underway at Kahungunu Marae in Nuhaka, has marked the passing of indigenous film Rangatira Merata Mita.

“I wish to state that we are all deeply saddened by the passing of Mana Wahine Merata Mita this week,” said Festival Director Leo Koziol. “Merata was an early and staunch supporter of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival, and attended the festival in 2005 where she presented her film works PATU and DAY 507. Merata was instrumental in bringing support of other film makers and National Geographic to our first festival, and had gone on to form her own film festival Aotearoa Film Festival with Te Wananga O Aotearoa. This news was sudden and has shocked us all, and our heartfelt condelences go out to her whanau and many many many friends.”

The Wairoa Maori Film Festival marked the passing of Merata Mita by delaying the formal proceedings of the festival until Saturday morning. A delegation of film makers who had attended the Tangi were welcomed as manuhiri with a Powhiri on the Saturday. Katie Wolfe, who had been supported in her film development process for short film REDEMPTION by Merata Mita, spoke of how Merata had told her it is important for our stories to be told on screen, and of how she was encouraged to strive to complete her work.

It was a fitting tribute to Merata that the audience award for Best Short Film Aotearoa was presented to Hiona Henare for URU. “We received over fourteen short film entries to our film festival, and only two of them were from women, URU by Hiona Henare and REDEMPTION by Katie Wolfe,” says Mr. Koziol, “So it is only fitting that the audience award went to an emerging Maori wahine film maker.”

Hiona Henare’s story URU is based on a speech made by a Kahungunu wahine leader in 1895 at a founding Maori Women’s Welfare League Conference. The audience award is selected by the audience at the festival, which once again comprised a mix of local community kuia and kaumatua, guests from near and afar, and numerous film makers attending to present their film works.

The Board and Patrons of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival share the sentiments of Nga Aho Whakaari Chairman Tearepa Kahi, “The truth: Merata Mita is a towering giant whose body of work stirs, ignites and guides our emotional and cultural understanding of our country and our people. She was a fierce advocate, a cultural revolutionary, an intellectual and artistic practitioner and mentor, a beautiful mother, a youthful grandmother and a dear friend. The future: Merata Mita challenges us all to continue the pursuit of ‘decolonizing the screen’ in order to better understand ourselves.”

Aue! Aue!
E Moe E Te Tuahine E Te Rangatira Merata,
I Roto I Te Aroha O Te Atua,
Waiho Matau E Tangi Nei.

On behalf of the Festival Board Roopu Whakaata Maori I Te Wairoa

Leo Koziol (Rakaipaaka, Kahungunu)
Tumuaki / Festival Director

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Indigenous Struggle to be Profiled at Wairoa Maori Film Festival http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/05/16/indigenous-struggle-to-be-profiled-at-wairoa-maori-film-festival/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/05/16/indigenous-struggle-to-be-profiled-at-wairoa-maori-film-festival/#comments Sun, 16 May 2010 05:51:14 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=110 Press Release: Indigenous Struggle to be Profiled at Wairoa Maori Film Festival
Embargoed Until Monday May 17th 2010

OVER NINE MONTHS OF WORK BEHIND THE SCENES has now come to fruition with the release of the festival programme of the WAIROA MAORI FILM FESTIVAL 2010. The festival event starts in Wairoa on Thursday 3rd June, then on to Nuhaka (Wairoa District) from Friday 4th June through to Monday 7th June (Queen’s Birthday). Hosts for the weekend are the Taihoa Marae Committee and Kahungunu Marae Committee. The full programme is now online: www.manawairoa.com

The global indigenous struggle for human rights will a significant focus of the weekend’s film programme, with films screening in particular from Canada, USA, Hawaii and Argentina.

On Saturday morning is THE OCTOBER SILENCE from Argentina. In October 1947, during J D Peron’s administration, in a place called La Bomba hundreds of indigenous Pilaga People were massacred and thus vanished. Sixty years later survivors reveal the details.

Later on Saturday is OLDER THAN AMERICA, with Director Georgina Lightning in attendance. Gripping and often unsettling, Older than America is a potent thriller about the legacy of Indian Boarding and Residential Schools in the USA and Canada, and the true horror of this little discussed part of North American history. Earlier that day, short film SAVAGE by Anishinaabe film maker Lisa Jackson also touches on similar themes.

Then on Sunday is A GOOD DAY TO DIE by film makers David Miller and Lynn Salt (Choctaw tribe). This film is a special preview of a documentary on American Indian movement (AIM) co-founder and leader Dennis Banks. It looks back at his life and the actions that changed the lives of Native Americans forever. The preview screening is occuring at the same time as its World Premiere in Oklahoma, at the deadCENTER film festival, with the tribes of Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and many others in attendance.

Monday the festival concludes with two fascinating documentaries. Fresh from screenings at the Maui Film Festival (where it won best documentary) and at special fundraiser screenings in Hollywood and Pasadena, HAWAII A VOICE FOR SOVEREIGNTY profiles centuries of struggle by the native Hawaiian people, from the earliest days of colonisation to today. Film maker Catherine Bauknight is hoping to be in attendance.

The the festival closes with REEL INJUN, Neil Diamond’s fascinating documentary on the history of Native American’s portrayal in Hollywood films, with a wide range of footage from hundreds of films, and interviews with Clint Eastwood, Jim Jarmusch, John Trudell, Adam Beach, Grahame Green, and Russell Means.

The universality of the indigenous struggle is a theme that emerges at this and numerous other films at this year’s Wairoa Maori Film Festival. Join us, at Taihoa Marae, Wairoa on Thursday 3rd June, then on to Kahungunu Marae, Nuhaka (Wairoa District) from Friday 4th June through
to Monday 7th June (Queen’s Birthday).

STOP PRESS: PREVIEW SCREENING Join us at a Special Invitation Only Preview Screening of REEL INJUN with film maker NEIL DIAMOND in attendance, at the Big Picture Wine Cinema, 22 Jellicoe Street at the Fish Markets, Auckland, at 6 pm Tuesday May 18th. Places at this event are limited, so please rsvp to maorimovies@gmail.com to secure a seat.

Press Release authorised by: Te Roopu Whakaata Maori I Te Wairoa – Wairoa Maori Film Festival Society Inc. Contact: Huia Koziol, Chairperson, Wairoa Maori Film Festival Ph 06 837 8854 email: maorimovies@gmail.com


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Press Release: Programme Now Online http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/05/04/press-release-programme-now-online-2/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/05/04/press-release-programme-now-online-2/#comments Tue, 04 May 2010 13:15:46 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=108 PRESS RELEASE: WAIROA MAORI FILM FESTIVAL PROGRAMME NOW ONLINE
May 5th 2010, Nuhaka, Wairoa District, New Zealand

OVER NINE MONTHS OF WORK BEHIND THE SCENES has now come to fruition with the release of the festival programme of the WAIROA MAORI FILM FESTIVAL 2010. The festival event starts in Wairoa on Thursday 3rd June, then on to Nuhaka (Wairoa District) from Friday 4th June through to Monday 7th June (Queen’s Birthday). Hosts for the weekend are the Taihoa Marae Committee and Kahungunu Marae Committee. “Involving both of these marae closely with the operation of the festival is both a way for us to give back to these communities, and a way to profile more of the Wairoa District,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol, who is of Rakaipaaka, Kahungunu and Polish American descent.

The Wairoa Maori Film Festival Programme is now online and available to the general public at: http://www.manawairoa.com/index.htm.

Organisers of the festival invite you to join us for over fifty films by Maori and international indigenous film makers playing over five days during the Queen’s Birthday weekend vacation. All screenings will be uniquely played in a Marae venue in the tourism jewel that is Wairoa and Nuhaka (including Morere Hot Springs and Mahia – home of Moko the dolphin). “All our guest film makers from across the country and overseas have been invited to stay at Morere, where they can partake in the warm springs and bush walks when they aren’t watching and presenting movies,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol.

The festival kicks off on Thursday 3rd June at Taihoa Marae, State Highway 2, Wairoa. At 3 pm is the Official Festival Powhiri followed at 4 pm by a Welcoming Dinner for film makers and guests (all welcome please RSVP to Huia Koziol on 06 837 8854). At 5 pm is a special free screening of documentary KA HAKU AU profiling Kohine Whakarua, waiata scribe extraordinare. At 6 pm is the WAIROA MAORI FILM NIGHT, $10 a ticket fundraiser for Taihoa Marae Committee ($5 for kaumatua/kids under 13). Short films screening in Wairoa this evening include SIX DOLLAR FIFTY MAN, MOKOPUNA, WARBRICK and TWO CARS, ONE NIGHT. Then the feature presentation is BOY, Taika Waititi’s box office smash now playing all around the country, a drama / comedy hit with a real East Coast flavour.

On Friday 4th June, proceedings relocate to Kahungunu Marae, cnr Ihaka Street and Mataira Street, in Nuhaka. Nuhaka is located only 20 minutes from Wairoa township, and only 40 minutes south of Gisborne. At 9.30 am is the official Mihi Whakatau for our guests from near and far and then at 10 am is our inaugural MAORI FILM HUI. The topic of this hui will be “Taking Wairoa to Warsaw, Nuhaka to New York” and will include Korero Mo Te Whare Tipuna “Kahungunu,” presentations from NZonscreen.com, a LIVE SKYPE video link to Isuma.TV in the Arctic (korero with Nathalie Kalina, Inuit film maker, Canada), short films by Ben Cowper, Mike Corbiere, Sophie Johnson and Amy Taylor, with the day concluding with breakout workshops on how we translate our local Wairoa and Nuhaka stories on screen for local and global audiences.

Kahungunu will be a DIGITAL MARAE for the festival weekend, with free broadband Internet available to all attendees passcode: Kahukuranui. It is also hoped to launch a “Waka Whakaata” project at the Maori Film Hui, where independent Maori films will be taken to audiences around the world in partnership with international venues and partners.

At 6 pm is the Nuhaka Maori Film Night. A set of Nuhaka Archival Films will be played, with Nuhaka people invited to attend to identify their whanaunga who have appeared in these films, so that rights can be secured for ongoing screenings of these films to the general public. At 6.30 pm is the Matariki Short Film Selection Part One with the following independently produced short films MAJIC PAORA (Kelvin McDonald), LILY AND RA (Armagan Ballantyne/Briar Grace-Smith), URU (Hiona Henare), MY BROTHER’S KEEPER (Neville James Reedy), KEI HEA TE KURI (Ron London Haretuku), KIA TOA (Mark Wigglesworth) and KARERE (Neville James Reedy). The night concludes with kiwi feature film STRENGTH OF WATER by Director Armagan Ballantyne & Writer Briar Grace-Smith.

“THE STRENGTH OF WATER is a poignant and graceful Hokianga story that will likely leave nary a dry eye in the house in an engrossing film which is, among other things, a story about our relationship to jellyfish and chickens,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol. “Much as I guess that BOY is a story about our relationship to goats, at its heart this film is a child’s story and the innocent heart too often and too easily broken.”

Saturday 5th June at Kahungunu Marae is an early start at 9 am with OCTOBER SILENCE, Argentinian genocide stories long covered up about the Pillaga people, then at 10.20 am CANGLESKA WAKAN THE SACRED HOOP a meditative and important documentary.

At 11.30 am LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD profiles quirky Far North fishing stories from Florian Habicht. After lunch at 1.30 pm we proudly present Embargo Collective – Lars Von Trier’s Five Obstructions applied by leading global indigenous film makers, TAIKA WAITITI, RIMA TAMOU, STERLIN HARJO, BLACKHORSE LOWE, ZOE LEIGH HOPKINS, LISA JACKSON, and HELEN HAIG-BROWN. “Simply stunning,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol.

At 2.30 pm is OLDER THAN AMERICA, a feature film starring Georgina Lightning and Adam Beach. Director Georgina Lightning is planning to be in attendance at the festival, travelling all the way from Canada to be here for her screening. “Its not easy to describe Older Than America without giving away too much of the plot,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol, “Just come expecting to be engrossed in an important and mysterious story with relevance to all peoples of the world, in particular our native peoples.”

The day’s screenings close at 4.30 pm with the Matariki Short Film Selection Part Two – a PG13 Adults Only session – with BROTHER SMASHPROOF music video (Director Chris Graham), ZERO (Leo Woodhead), REDEMPTION (Katie Wolfe), THE LAST WORDS (Director Peter Bell), TE WHAKAPOURI THE DARKENING (Penehamine Netana Patuawa), DAYTRIP (Director Zoe McIntosh), MANUREWA (a stunning last minute addition to the festival), and finally MINUIT AOTEAROA.

Saturday evening is set aside for the awards dinner and entertainment, commencing at 7.30 pm with Kore / Tahi / Kore a Multimedia Display with installation works by Reuben Paterson and Tracey Tawhiao curated by Festival Director Leo Koziol. The installation will be open throughout the evening and late into the night as a meditation space for attendees at the festival. Then at 8.00 pm is Beneath The Maori Moon – Festival Awards & Nuhaka Musical Evening – with local bellbirds singing music of Nuhaka musical greats Walter Smith, Riki Smith, Tommy Taurima, and Huia Koziol – relive hits HOMETOWN BY THE BAY, BENEATH THE MAORI MOON, NUHAKA GENERAL STORE, and TE RINA. Musical MC for the evening is Cambridge Wairau, and the night closes out with a live performance by up and coming rap/R&B star TRU7HY (Jordan Koziol Repia).

On Sunday 6th June at Kahungunu Marae the day starts off at 9 am with a Festival Brunch for our guests and guest film makers. Then at 10 am is Finding Our Voice – Kohanga Reo New Zealand, followed by an encore screening (11.30 am) of Ka Haku Au – Kohine Whakarua stories produced by Maramena Roderick. At 1.00 pm is THIS WAY OF LIFE an Award Winning international feature fresh from the Berlin Film Festival profiling the Karena Family from Omahu who have been invited to attend the festival. “Directors Tom Burstyn and Barbara Sumner Burstyn thought they were making films on horse training, but instead got more than they bargained for as they bore witness to the whanau relations of the Karena clan,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol. “The film plays out more as a feature drama, and you often forget it is not a documentary, so engrossing is the story and so stunning is the photography and location shoots.”

Then at 2.45 pm is NO PETROL NO DIESEL, Stefen Harris’ hilarious sequel to WAIMATE CONSPIRACY, a classic Kiwi film hidden from audiences until now. Starring Jim Moriarty, Helen Pearse-Otene, Mark Hadlow and David McPhail, all who worked for free or little money just to make the film happen. “The independent spirit of film makers like Stefen Harris and the makers of last year’s WAEWAE EXPRESS shows the Kiwi Number 8 wire mentality is alive and well in New Zealand,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol. “These film makers are just doing it, and contributing to a thriving film industry up and down our country.”

Two exemplary examples of this independent spirit are presented at 4.30 pm, with Invercargill Shorts. This session profiles Southern Institute of Technology as supporters of amazing innovative new film works, with film studies graduate Jade Gillies (Nuhaka whanaunga) in attendance to introduce two brand new films: DELICATE (Director Brent Roderick) and OKU TUAKANA TWO BROTHERS (Matt Inns). “Viewers will be amazed at the production values of both of these ‘no-budget’ short films,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol. “Somehow on a zero budget they have managed to create stunning special effects (Delicate) and a sprawling recreation of olden days gone by (Oku Tuakana) making these film makers definitely ones to watch out for in future.”

After dinner at 6 pm on Sunday is A GOOD DAY TO DIE, A stunning portrait of the life of DENNIS BANKS who is the founder and leader of the AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT (AIM). The day concludes at 8 pm with the BOY feature film directed by Taika Waititi. This special encore screening of BOY for Nuhaka audiences is a fundraiser for Kahungunu Marae all ticket ($10 ea.) proceeds donated back to the marae as a koha.

Monday 7th June at Kahungunu Marae, Nuhaka, is the closing day with the festival wrapping up by 2 pm. Those making an early start can watch (9.30 am) AFTER THE STORM, the New Zealand Premiere of Patty Loew’s new film on resource conflicts between fishermen and native people in Wisconsin. “Patty Loew was a guest at the Wairoa Maori Film Festival in 2008, and it is positive to see this relationship continuing on today,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol.

At 10 am is “Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty” a stunning history of Hawaii by Director Catherine Bauknight that has been enlightening and engaging audiences Stateside including taking Audience Award at the Maui Film Festival 2009, and recently screening in Hollywood, Pasadena and Washington DC.

The festival’s final feature is at 11.30 am: REEL INJUN. An amazing trip through time, from the earliest silent films to present day, REEL INJUN looks at how Hollywood has portrayed Native American Indian peoples in film – the good, the bad, and the ugly. “This film is a stunning portrait and journey including interviews with Clint Eastwood, Jim Jarmusch, John Trudell, Adam Beach, Grahame Green, and Russell Means,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol. “The film is a deeply personal and poignant story from Director NEIL DIAMOND, with the film maker possessing a seeming naivete that enables him to act with grace in the face of seeming inhuman behaviour toward Native Peoples.”

The festival screenings then close at 12.45 pm with encore screenings of two short films: DAY TRIP and the special last minute addition to the festival MANUREWA (RP13 audiences). We bid farewell for another year at 1 pm with our Poroporoaki Luncheon. The theme for this year’s event is WAKA and the new branding for the event is FOOD FOR THE SOUL KAI MO TE NGAKAU. “The Waka is representative of our festival continuing onwards and outwards in a sustainable basis, facing the current treacherous waters of global recession and ecological collapse, and continuing to be a Voice for Maori and indigenous peoples, being what festival supporter Ella Henry has described to me as ‘Food For The Soul’” says Festival Director Leo Koziol.

“Having previewed all of this year’s festival programme a common theme throughout is the ongoing universally shared struggle of indigenous peoples,” says Festival Director Leo Koziol. “Simply preserving ones humanity in the face of cultural, ecological and social genocide around the world seems to me to be at the heart of the ongoing indigenous struggle. Somehow, in the face of all this people have managed to retain their culture, their identity and their languages. Somehow, after crushing blow after crushing, people have managed to retain their dignity and a sense of hope and change for the better in transformative times.”

The Wairoa Maori Film Festival is priced at $80 festival pass, $120 festival pass including all meals and marae stay accommodation for the entire weekend.

Authorised by: Te Roopu Whakaata Maori I Te Wairoa Inc. (c) 2010

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Reel Injun Official Trailer HD http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/reel-injun-official-trailer-hd/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/reel-injun-official-trailer-hd/#comments Tue, 26 Jan 2010 22:40:01 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=106

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Reel Injun Promo http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/reel-injun-promo/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/reel-injun-promo/#comments Tue, 26 Jan 2010 22:39:23 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=104

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Wes Studi from OLDER THAN AMERICA http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/wes-studi-from-older-than-america/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/wes-studi-from-older-than-america/#comments Tue, 26 Jan 2010 22:38:20 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=102

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Interview with Georgina Lightning http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/interview-with-georgina-lightning/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/interview-with-georgina-lightning/#comments Tue, 26 Jan 2010 22:37:08 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=100

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“OLDER THAN AMERICA” Screening Wairoa 2010 http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/older-than-america-screening-wairoa-2010/ http://manawairoa.com/blog/2010/01/26/older-than-america-screening-wairoa-2010/#comments Tue, 26 Jan 2010 22:36:23 +0000 Administrator http://manawairoa.com/blog/?p=98

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